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The Firm owns a more than twenty-years-old experience in planning of complex multipurpose buildings, hosting activities of public interest, shopping, free-time, office and productive facilities. The core of the planning is the user, whom the study of rooms, sun light, materials, paths, is devoted in order to create "easy" and "friendly" aggregation spaces.

Resort (14)  [Valday, Russia]
Stadium/arena and multipurpose complex   [Vicenza]
Le Torri Danzanti   [Verona]
Multipurpose complex "La Cartiera"   [Verona]
Multipurpose complex   [S. Bonifacio (VR)]
Multipurpose complex   [Altavilla (VI)]
Production buildings   [Crespellano (BO)]
Shopping centre Verona UNO - Widening   [S. Giovanni Lupatoto (VR)]
Multipurpose complex   [Legnago (VR)]
Centre of High Professional Education   [Legnago (VR)]
Car dealer   [Thiene (VI)]
Multipurpose complex   [Vicenza Est]
Industrial complex and offices   [Albano Sant'Alessandro (BG)]
BMW Showroom-widening   [Vicenza]
Shopping centre   [Villorba (TV)]
Car dealer Fenice   [Vicenza]
MINI car dealer   [Vicenza]
Industrial building and premises   [Altavilla (VI)]
Shopping centre Emisfero   [Monfalcone (GO)]
Production buildings   [Castelfranco Veneto (TV)]
Centro Palladio - Widening   [Vicenza]
Municipal premises at Villa da Porto Barbaran   [Montorso Vicentino (VI)]
Conference centre, education centre, premises and conference room at Villa Venier-Contarini (2)  [Mira (VE)]
Municipal premises at Villa Thiene   [Quinto Vicentino (VI)]
Shopping centre   [Viterbo]
Shopping centre   [Forlimpopoli (FC)]
Hypermarket Famila - Widening   [Vicenza]
Shopping centre Verona UNO   [S. Giovanni Lupatoto (VR)]
Showroom BMW   [Vicenza]
Cinema Theater Cristallo   [Padova]
Cinema Kursaal   [Vicenza]
Shopping centre   [Onè di Fonte (TV)]
Shopping centre Palladio   [Vicenza]
Building for premises and warehouse   [Belfiore (VR)]
Multi-brand car dealer's   [Vicenza Est]
First aid department of hospital   [Vicenza]
Hospital of Vicenza - IV Lot (1)  [Vicenza]
Hospital of Vicenza (1)  [Vicenza]
Building for premises Immocentro   [Vicenza]
Municipality of Tezze sul Brenta (VI) - Primary school: competition   [Tezze sul Brenta (VI)]
Kindergarten   [Costabissara (VI)]
Retirement home   [Monteviale (VI)]
Kindergarten   [Monteviale (VI)]

Detailed plan of the central area of Abano Terme   [Abano Terme (PD)]
Piaggio Park (14)  [Vinh Phuc, Vietnam]
Reclamation master plan of an industrial area   [Legnago (VR)]
Residential area at the former municipal stadium   [San Bonifacio (VR)]
Reclamation plan, PIRUEA   [Verona]
Reclamation plan, PIRUEA   [S. Giovanni Lupatoto (VR)]
Residential area   [Vicenza, via Bachelet]
Reclamation plan of an industrial area   [Albano S. Alessandro (BG)]
Partial change of the city plan   [San Bonifacio (VR)]
Rest area at Monte Berico (3)  [Vicenza]
Nature historic path "Territorio dei 7 Comuni" (Territory of the Seven Municipalities)   [Rotzo (VI)]
Hospital of Vicenza (1)  [Vicenza]
Bikeway along the rivers Bacchiglione and Igna (10)
Panoramic road of Costeggiola   [Monteviale (VI)]
Downtown square of Monteviale   [Monteviale (VI)]
Detailed plan of the downtown   [Montorso Vicentino (VI)]
Detailed plan of the town   [Castello di Maratea (PZ)]
Plan of preservation of cultural heritage in the farm belt   [Montegalda (VI)]
Plan of preservation of cultural heritage in the farm belt   [Montorso Vicentino (VI)]
Detailed plan of the downtown   [Quinto Vicentino (VI)]
General town planning scheme   [Montorso Vicentino (VI)]
General town planning scheme   [Montegalda (VI)]
General planning scheme   [Costabissara (VI)]
General planning scheme   [Monteviale (VI)]
General planning scheme (8)  [Bressanvido (VI)]