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The Firm established its own methodology of study and restoration, thank to the activity performed by Bruno Gabbiani at the University Faculty of Architecture of Venezia.
The guidelines start from the assumption that a building, either a villa veneta or a dismantled industrial complex, is part of a stratified system belonging to the territory, and is a precious heritage to be spared and preserved.

Villa Venier-Contarini (2)  [Mira (VE)]
Villa da Porto-Barbaran   [Montorso Vicentino (VI)]
Conservation and restoration of the Palladian Basilica: competition (5)
Villa Sesso-Schiavo   [Sandrigo (VI)]
Palazzo Bisognini (palace)   [Vicenza]
Villa Thiene   [Quinto Vicentino (VI)]
Church di S. Margherita   [Rotzo (VI)]
Great Jubilee of the year 2000 (7)  [Vicenza]
Villa da Porto-Barbaran   [Montorso Vicentino (VI)]
The promotion of the heritage of the territory of Veneto   [Vicenza, Rovigo, Venice]
Former Monastery/Convent of S. Silvestro   [Vicenza]
Antique Walls of Vicenza   [Vicenza]
Villa Imperiali-Lampertico   [Anconetta, Vicenza]
Villa Badoer   [Fratta Polesine (RO)]
Palazzo Achilli (palace)   [Roma]
Palazzo Ruspoli (palace)   [Roma]
Palazzo D'Ambrogi (palace)   [Roma]
Mulino Stucky (mill)   [Venezia]
Villa Papadopoli   [Longare (VI)]
Palazzo Thiene-Ageno   [Vicenza]
Villa Capra   [Camisano Vicentino (VI)]
Villa Pojana   [Pojana Maggiore (VI)]
Villa Castello-Pojana   [Pojana Maggiore (VI)]
Villa Dal Verme Pigafetta   [Agugliaro (VI)]
Palazzo Scroffa-Braga (palace)   [Vicenza]
Restoration of town walls and of the tourist centre   [Vicenza]
Plan of knowledge and improvement of cultural heritage of the Province of Ascoli Piceno   [Ascoli Piceno]
Restoration plan of Ville Venete owned by the Region