05-09-2009 - Convention of studies "Palladian Restorations 1980 - 2008. Preservation and protection" (Restauri Palladiani 1980 - 2008. Conservazione e tutela), Vicenza

CISA, (International Centre of Architectural Studies Andrea Palladio), organized on Mai 8th and 9th at Vicenza at Palazzo Barbaran da Porto, in cooperation with the Regional Administration for Cultural Heritage and Landscape of Veneto, a convention of studies in order to make available knowledge, information and experience emerged in the different restoration sites involving Palladian buildings in the last thirty years.
The convention, open to public, hosts important names of the field of architecture and restoration.
Bruno Gabbiani, who supervised the partial restoration of Villa Thiene of Quinto Vicentino, built by Andrea Palladio and Francesco Muttoni, intervened on Saturday, Mai 9th on 3.45 p.m. with a communication titled: "Villa Thiene of Quinto Vicentino: Palladio, Muttoni and the Quattrocento remains".

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