09-23-2009 - Exhibition "Piani e Progetti per la Città, sguardi su Verona 2007-2012"

Gabbiani & Associati takes part to the exhibition "Piani e Progetti per la Città, sguardi su Verona 2007-2012", ("Plans and Projects for the town, views on Verona 2007-2010") within the scope of the workshop "Il Piano al tempo della Crisi" (City Plan on the Time of Crisis), fostered and conceived by the Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica (Italian National Institute of Town Planning), at Palazzo della Ragione of Verona.
The exhibition analyzes the topics emerging from the planning tools and from the relationship between these lasts and the urban project.
Gabbiani & Associati illustrates the upgrading project of the area of the former paper-mill at Verona Sud. The plan includes the upgrading of a degraded area, scene of news items and of social troubles for decades, which is the first upgrading step among the big abandoned production buildings in the southern area of Verona.

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