10-16-2009 - Works of the technical panel for the exhibition of children's architecture, Rosà, (VI)

The G.G.A.R. - Gruppo Giovani Architetti Rosatesi (Group of Young Architects from Rosà) organizes a subject exhibition of children's architecture, which shall be held in the month of April 2010 simultaneously with the Culture Week of Rosà.
The submitted projects undergo the judgment of a technical panel of planners and specialized professionals that selected the projects for the exhibition.
Marcella Gabbiani takes part to the works of the technical panel that met on October 16th at the Council Chamber of the Municipality of Rosà, composed by: Mr. Renato Cenzato, dr., Headmaster of the School Pole of Primary Schools of Rosà, Mr. Silvano Bordignon, dr., teacher of psychology and philosophy, Mr. Osvaldo Da Pos, dr., Mrs. Lucia Lancerin, arch., person of reference for Veneto of the association CA.MI.NA, Mr. Mirko Campagnolo arch., person in charge of the Technical Area of the Municipality of Rosà.
This event represents one of the significant items of an articulate program started by UNICEF (process of implementation of the Convention about children's rights) for the creation of a town friendly to children begun by the Association of Rosà Amici del Villaggio (Friends of Village).
The target of the show is to think of urban spaces and buildings that for their primary functions should be born and developed basing on the needs of their small users. The event aims to disclose the importance and the need to think of the whole architecture system as a project on a children scale with reference to the different educational and playing functions and/or activities.
Sponsorships: the Province of Vicenza, the Administration of the Municipality of Rosà, Local Tourist Office of Rosà, Club of the Young Graduates of Rosà, the Association Friends of the Village of Rosà.

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