08-26/11-21-2010 - Architecture Biennale. 12th International Architecture Exhibition, Culture-Nature, Spazio Thetis, Venice

Architectural firm Gabbiani & Associati received the invitation to participate to the Culture-Nature exhibition, taking place at Venice from August 26th, to November 21st, within the scope of the 12th International Architecture Biennale.
Gabbiani & Associati exhibits its work within Spazio Thetis, directed to environment and to the contemporary habitat.
Spazio Thetis, enlargement of the sector Italia under the direction of Luca Molinari, seated in the Arsenale Novissimo of Venice, hosts and promotes sustainable plans for the safeguard of the environment and of the community goods, through the development of suited technologies and industrial management systems with content of high innovation.
The topics and the plans are explained by means of graphic works as well as of prototypes and models underlying some aspects of the man - architecture - environment relationship.
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