06-07-2010 - Round table "Il Committente, mecenate e imprenditore" (The client, patron and entrepreneur), Bolzano

Bruno Gabbiani held a speech at the round table "Il Committente, mecenate e imprenditore", at Bolzano, promoted by the Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano, at the Museo D'Arte Contemporanea (Museum of Contemporary Art), that hosted a rich debate about the reasons spurring enlightened clients to invest resources for the realization of first-rate architectural works.
Arch. Luigi Scolari, chairman of the Fondazione dell'Ordine degli Architetti di Bolzano (Foundation of the Association of Achitects of Bolzano) chaired the meeting.
Among the speakers Peter Reichegger, CEO of Hobag SpA, Thomas Ausserhofer, chairman of the Corporation of the Building Contractors, Josef March, manager of the Dipartimento dei Lavori Pubblici della Provincia di Bolzano (Department of Public Works of the Province of Bolzano).

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