11-30-2010 - Presentation of monograph "Gabbiani e Associati, Architectures between earth and sky", Triennale, Milan

The volume "Gabbiani e Associati, Architectures between earth and sky", published by Skira Editore and cured by Fortunato D'Amico, will be presented on November 30, 2010, at 5.00 p.m. at bookstore of Triennale, Milan.
Luca Molinari and Fortunato D'Amico will attend.
"It is a new professionalism, aligned with the best in Europe, able to dialogue with financial capital and to provide solutions. It is careful too, about building forms coherent with well-established contemporary architectural taste.
The history of the Gabbiani studio is the history of this important metamorphosis in Italian architecture; it is the history of the "province" building the territory principally through the design of multipurpose areas which became strongly recognisable territorial centre able to generate clear hierarchies.
The studio was established in 1969 and definitively became a limited company in 1994. It offers the plausible answers architecture is called to give in a profoundly changing market; it has a composite structure able to dialogue with entrepreneurial realities and different territories".
Luca Molinari from "Architectures between earth and sky".
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