03-30-2011 - Workshop "Libero Accesso" - Vicenza

After "Libero Accesso 2010" (Free Entrance 2010), the edition "Libero Accesso 2011" (Free Entrance 2011) shall take place at Vicenza, at the Liceo Artistico A. Martini, within the scope of the project "Libero Accesso - Nuovi prodotti da nuove idee" (Free Entrance - New products by new ideas).
The meeting is promoted by the Associazione H81 Insieme Vicenza Onlus, with the sponsorship of Design for All Italia and organized by the Associazione Vaga, Associazione Giovani Architetti della Provincia di Vicenza (Association of Young Architects of the Province of Vicenza) and of the Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori Artigiani Confartigiananto di Vicenza (Group of Young Craft Entrepreneurs of the Confederation of Craft Workers of Vicenza).
The project aims mainly to foster the culture of integration and make everybody aware of the problems of persons suffering under permanent or temporary disabilities: in this edition the projects made last year are presented and to the best of these is given the trade mark applications "Start Design for ALL", recognized by Association Design for All Italia.
Marcella Gabbiani holds a lesson with title "opportunities of Design for All", where, with extensive use of images and examples, exposes the philosophy and the challenge behind the creation of a product or habitat "for all".

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