04-14-2011 - "Merci Beaucoup! nuovi valori - nuovi oggetti", Milan

Bruno Gabbiani attends as speaker the conference "Design, consumo e la sostenibilità del prodotto" in the occasion of "Merci Beaucoup! nuovi valori - nuovi oggetti", an event of Fuori Salone del Mobile that takes place from 12 to 17 April 2011 in the ex Ansaldo area, a reference center in Zona Tortona in Milan.
At the conference will attend as speakers Alberto Molinari, President of ALA Lombardia, Paolo Favaretto designer and Donato Cerone, architect.
The general theme of Merci Beaucoup! - presented by Gruppo Mash G&T Srl with the partnership of DDN Design Diffusion, curated by Fortunato D'Amico, food designer Paolo Barichella - presents a critical overview of the consumption of goods and their production systems and social advancement: an analysis of the human habitat from the contemporary world, and specifically from the production show, to tell, through multimedia, photographs, graphics, videos and objects of interest, the evolution of consumer goods going back in time.
To facilitate the meeting between the world of design and the production will include a space intended for discussions between designers, producers and others involved in the design world to meet.
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