02-21-2009 - Mention Prize Luigi Piccinato

The plan of the multipurpose settlement at the former paper factory of Verona mentioned at the Prize Piccinato for city and territory planning.
On February 21st at Legnago (VR), at the Theater Salieri, the certificate of the "Premio Urbanistica e Pianificazione Territoriale Luigi Piccinato" ("Prize for city and territory planning Luigi Piccinato"), fourth edition 2008 was delivered to Mr. Bruno Gabbiani Arch. by the councilman for the territorial politics of the Veneto region, Mr. Renzo Marangon, Dr., for the municipal administration of Verona. The plan was inserted into the category "administrations" for the particular interest of his work.
On the occasion the exhibit of the plans at the municipal museum was inaugurated.
The results of the competition are issued in the book "Progettare reti e passaggi" (Planning networks and landscapes), issued by the Veneto Region.

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