10-20-2015 - "Seminar ECONOMIES OF REUSE OF HISTORICAL HERITAGE" - Palazzo Pisani Moretta, Venice

Bruno Gabbiani, took part as speaker in the seminar ECONOMIES OF THE RE-USE OF HISTORICAL HERITAGE at Palazzo Pisani Moretta in Venice on the 20th of October. The seminar was addressed who wish to enhance - through a careful, informed and sustainable restoration- her/his historical and architectural heritage, which includes villas, palaces and castles as much as less famous buildings, such as those of rural villages, building barns and Alpine architecture in its various types. At the meeting there were property owners, directors of private companies and those employed by public administrations and who is otherwise involved in the long chain of the restoration of the historical-monumental and offers practical experience from the creation of the brand, to the definition of the new use, and the actual restoration to the economic management: ideas, solutions and operating modes that can be transferred to other similar realities.

All the cases presented are characterized by having relied on innovative ideas and original re-use, to have developed new functions in respect of historical and documentary and for having married the architectural restoration with sustainability.

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