10-24-2017 - Meeting "Quando la mente ti spinge oltre", Centro Congressi Confartigianato, Vicenza

The discussion will be about the added value of a design that focuses on extensive accessibility to create solutions that improve our life, with Marcella Gabbiani, and Andrea Stella - President of the Spirit Association of Stella - and Cristian Veller - President of the category ICT of Confartigianato Vicenza (Group 100100) - among the "digital artisans", the so-called "makers", moderated by Ilaria Rebecchi - journalist and director of Sgaialand Magazine.
It is now widely demonstrated that a project, that take into account the needs of all categories of users, produces an advantage for everyone, thanks to the higher qualitative standards but above all because it is the result of an approach that puts the person at the center of the project, whether it is conceived in a technological, social, educational, architectural, working environment, etc.
"Accessible design is basically designing environments, buildings, spaces, objects, that are easy to use, walk, and know," says architect Marcella Gabbiani. "It does not matter the size of the project, but the process that generates it. Any artifact is made for people and therefore the effort of each architect is to take into account the needs of users, their abilities and aspirations. This attitude does not hinder creative freedom, but it may even become a useful system of constraints and palettes through which to articulate the design idea."

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