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Sergio Peruzzo
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Sergio Peruzzo deals with the coordination and organization of the planning branch of the firm. He supervises in particular the activities of urban planning, the layout of big multipurpose complexes starting from the survey of the territory, through the analysis of norms, up to the coordination with external advisors and experts, from the survey, through the geological appraisals, structural calculations and plants.
He oversees the development of the plan from its preliminary steps up to the final inspection and the safeness, supervising the parallel development of the working plans and the supervision of works, entrusted to the reference persons inside the firm.
Beside the plans of big structures, he oversees city planning, the branch of residential buildings, office districts, productive and logistic facilities.

Education and qualifications
  • Degree at the School of Art of Nove (VI), 1980
  • University degree in architecture at the University Institute of Architecture of Venice (IUAV, Venezia), 1989 with a graduation thesis on "Methods of study for the restoration plan of the villas Capra at Carrè"
  • On the roll of Architects of Vicenza since 1993