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Year: 2010
Promoted by: Comune di Verona
Service required: competition of ideas to create the logotype and the graphic coordinate image of Unesco cultural sites of Regione Veneto (11)

The work has been managed by Studio Gabbiani in collaboration with Franco Molon TheSign graphic studio for the competition of ideas published by Comune of Verona.
The logo presents and stylizes the Regione Veneto divided in hexagons, to communicate in an immediate way the unitariness and the multifaceted structure: the nucleus and the singularity of the sites create a net that makes the total image legible.
The hexagon represents typical aspects of Regione Veneto: the historic and cultural aspect that reminds the walled towns and the social-economic one refers to the busyness, a hive where the single reality contribute to an organized system.
The project represents the values and the characteristics of Veneto and its four sites of competition, as realities connoted by historic and artistic characteristics.
The logo permits the easy addition of future Unesco sites, through the activation of other hexagons that become reality and sense little by little.
Its development, accompanied with a study on the nature of sites, leads in the realization of four images that represent coherently, in a sort of overhead view, which captures the main elements that characterize the sites: Verona and its river, Vicenza and the Rotonda stylized plan, Padova and its botanic garden and Venezia and Canal Grande.