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Year: 2009
Site: Chiostro di S. Corona Vicenza
Client: Zoing!
Service required: planning and carrying out

Is the scenography for the interpretation of some texts of Goffredo Parise, created and directed by Zeno Lorenzo Verlato, performed with the actor Beppe Casales.
The scenography, based on a maximum simplicity, is light and convertible by the actors and is composed by some coloured tables, bound with strings.
During the performance the tables can be used as support, podium, backdrop and backstage, presented some moments chosen by the author of the show: “From Vicenza to Treviso, going across this world and the other one. Through the texts of the first novel, wrote at 18 years old, I movimenti remoti (posthumous published in 2007), his reportages of the travels in the five continents, the essays and the letters, the restless career of Parise, writer who spent his life travelling all over the world looking for an authentic and primitive place that he found, at the end, in the countryside of Veneto, near where he was born.
The show takes place on August 28, 2009 during Libriamo 2009, the literary festival promoted by Comune di Vicenza (Assessorato alla Cultura), organized by Associazione culturale Zoing! with the patronage of Regione Veneto and Provincia di Vicenza.
Il Giornale di Vicenza – August 29, 2009:
"…the "poor" scenography works as well – the raw tables maneuvered as symbolic elements, that reveal no coincidental colours in respect to the script – is realized by Marcella Gabbiani…"