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In progress
Construction site: Valday, Russia
Client: Private
Building area: sqm 3500
Services required: planning (14)

The project stands as a reinterpretation of the historical and architectural elements, artistic and natural of Valday’s region, hills, sloping roofs of izbe, the large fireplace that warms the long winters, the snow crystal.
The resort is designed to keep on one hand the convenience of a unitary structure and on the other to provide the confidentiality and privacy of guests, with a series of autonomous cells for the rooms, each personalized with specific details, valuable, but at the same time modern.
The volumes take heed of the soil in which they are integrated harmoniously, exploiting the natural height differences of the ground to create terraces and panoramic views on the lake.
The central body is presented as a sort of “contemporary venetian Rialto Bridge’’, which is reflected on the water of the pool below.
In the central block, knot of all functions, are provided the reception, restaurant, living rooms, private rooms, living room with a large fireplace, breakfast room, fitness area, spa. The swimming-pool mostly internal and external, it can be heated and is equipped with hydromassage areas and waterfalls. A spectacular glass plate closes the side of the pool to the lake.