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Year: 2006-2007
Site: Museo Diocesano (Diocesan Museum) of Venezia
Client: Private
Service required: planning and supervision of works

The thematic exhibit by Gian Antonio Golin is an event where the artist sets running different expressive forms (painting-sculpture, poetry, video-art, recitation) cooperating in a dynamic ensemble with strong tensions. The protagonist of the myth, their arcane scenery, emerge from the dense material distinguishing paintings, dramatically trapped into a network of bonds, blames and will to improvement changed into signs. Medea and Jason as emblems of the fight between opposed principles: male against female, civilization against naturalness, dignity against betrayal.
The mounting gives the exhibit place rhythm complying with the gradualness not only narrative and thematic, but also psychological and emotional. The sequence of paintings, meticulously established with the author, determines the development of spaces and paths widening and compressing the ways, varying the height of the rooms, physically recreating the labyrinths of an ancient palace and, spiritually, the troubled fight of the characters against the bonds of blame and shame.
At the top of the exhibit path, stripped naked of material layers, Medea and Jason find their wholly bodily figure, movement and voice, in the video-installation produced by La Casa dei Santi (The Saints' Home). The characters, as wrenched away from the paintings, that are their background, exposed to the harsh lights of their self-consciousness, face their own different and conflicting reasons from two antithetical screens, at the same time prison and shelter of each one of the two opponents.
Photographer's credits: Francesco Dalla Pozza.